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Start planning your watch party!

PBS Broadcast television premiere is March 16, 2020

With the film now set to television broadcast, the host-a-screening action is now a host-a-virtual-watch-party action! Please continue to support any grassroots screenings currently on the schedule, and check local listings below for more local television air time details.

On mobile? 📱 Swipe-left in programming grid to see more air-date details. Watch for the program in your local listings.  We update information here as we receive it.

City/StateAir DateDay of weekStation NameTimeChannel
Cincinnati, OH3/17/20TuesdayWPTO / ThinkTV11:00 PM16HD
Portland, OR3/17/20TuesdayKOPB11:00 PMMain
Vermont3/18/20WednesdayVTPBS9:00 AMPBS Plus
Vermont3/18/20WednesdayVTPBS3:00 PMPBS Plus
Cincinnati, OH3/18/20WednesdayWPTO / ThinkTV11:00 PM16 AGAIN
South Carolina3/19/20ThursdaySCET9:00 PMMain
Cincinnati, OH3/21/20SaturdayWPTO / ThinkTV11:00 AM16 AGAIN
Cincinnati, OH3/21/20SaturdayWPTO / ThinkTV1:45 PM14 PRIME
Cincinnati, OH3/21/20SaturdayWPTO / ThinkTV9:00 PM14 PRIME
Cincinnati, OH3/22/20SundayWPTO / ThinkTV8:00 AM14 PRIME
New York3/22/20SundayWLIW8:00 AMMain
Vermont3/22/20SundayVTPBS10:00 AMPBS Plus
Richland, Washington3/22/20SundayKWSU3:00 PMKWSU-DT & KTNW-MHZ
Cincinnati, OH3/22/20SundayWPTO / ThinkTV5:00 PM14 PRIME
New Hampshire3/22/20SundayPTV/Boston10:00 PMMultiple
Boston, MA3/22/20SundayWGBH10:00 PMWorld
Las Vegas, NV3/22/20SundayKLVX10:30 PMJackpotJackpot!

111 Cable
Las Vegas, NV3/23/20MondayKLVX8:30 AMJackpotJackpot!

111 Cable
Las Vegas, NV3/23/20MondayKLVX1:30 PMJackpotJackpot!

111 Cable
Los Angeles, CA3/23/20MondayKOCE11:30 PMMain (50)
Grand Rapids, MI3/24/20TuesdayWGVU11:00 PMMain
San Antonio, TX3/24/20TuesdayKLRN10:00 PMKLRN
Albuquerque, NM3/24/20TuesdayKENW8:00 PMMain
Washington DC3/25/20WednesdayWHUT8:00 PM32
Nashville, TN3/25/20WednesdayWNPT12:00 AMMain
Washington DC3/26/20ThursdayWHUT12:00 AM32
Cincinnati, OH3/26/20ThursdayWPTO / ThinkTV11:00 AM14 PRIME
Cincinnati, OH3/26/20ThursdayWPTO / ThinkTV12:00 PM14 PRIME
Las Vegas, NV3/26/28ThursdayKLVX4:00 PMJackpotJackpot!

111 Cable
Indianapolis3/26/20ThursdayWFY9:00 PMMain
Athens, OH3/26/20ThursdayWOUB10:00 PM20
Tucson, AZ3/27/20FridayAZPM11:00 PMMain
Washington DC3/28/20SaturdayWHUT12:00 PMMain
Athens, OH3/28/20SaturdayWOUB10:00 PM20
Tucson, AZ3/28/20SaturdayAZPM1:00 PMMain
Las Vegas, NV3/28/20SaturdayKLVX3:00 PMJackpotJackpot!

111 Cable
Tucson, AZ3/29/20SundayAZPM3:00 PMMain
Washington DC3/29/20SundayWHUT5:00 PMMain
Atlanta, GA3/29/20SundayWPBA10:00 PM30
San Francisco, CA3/31/20TuesdayKQED11:00 PMMain
Detroit, MI4/2/20ThursdayWTVS9:00 PMMain
Los Angeles, CA4/2/20ThursdayKVCR10:00 PMKVCR
Lexington, Kentucky4/19/20SundayKET12:00 AM
Baltimore, MD4/26/20SundayWMPT4:00 PM43
New York, NY5/28/20ThursdayWNET2:00 AM
Pittsburgh, PA6/14/20TuesdayWQED11:00 PM